The Mesh - Hack Session #2


To follow on from our initial hack session, I nominate we have another go in January.

My nominations are to keep working on the following:

  • Symfony based Inventory system
  • Kinetic hacks
  • Bus Hive media distribution framework

Venue: DCA (if available)

Date: 7th of Jan - 10th of Jan (need to confirm)

Trac returns to service

Hi all,

After some extra effort I have gotten a Trac environment up and running once again. This is linked to our SVN repository and is my perfered way to browse SVN (in addition to a whole lot more).

SVN Repository

Hi All,

After spending the last few hours continuing to fumble with getting a Trac 0.12 deployment running on I have resigned myself to the fact that for now the box will continue to run subversion only and remain stable.

We have configured the repositiory at for anon reads. If you want commit access email kahn[ at ]the-mesh( dot)org until we get around to brea... getting LDAP provisioning working.

Happy coding!

The Mesh - Hack Session #1

Hey everyone,

Just as something different, we thought we might try out the idea of having a full weekend hack session. The concept being we grab an idea or project that we have been meaning to fix/implement and try our best to get it sorted over a weekend.

Bit of practice for working collaboratively and hopefully learning something new. Also might get some results from our work!

Hoping to set the date to Friday evening, 3rd - Sunday evening, 5th of December, 2010.

Stallman to visit Darwin, Thursday 14th of Oct, 2010

As part of what appears to be an Australian Computer Society tour, Richard Stallman of GNU Project fame is visiting various places around Australia, including Darwin!

If you're intererested in attending, you can sign up on the ACS website.

He is giving a talk on "Free software in ethics and in practice".

Welcome to the new website


Welcome to the new website for The-Mesh, feel free to look around and if you have any feed back feel free to drop by IRC.

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