The great winter migration...


Just a quick update to let you know that once again www.the-mesh.org is on the move!

We are migrating our services from Linode over to TransIP.eu

At the time of writing IRC is now being hosted from Europe. Over the coming weeks the remaining web applications will be moved and finally authentication will be fixed!

If there are any dramas you find feel free to harass me at kahn at this domain or hop in IRC.



SmartOS Home Datacenter - Update 1


Update 1: Alternative Migration Method via DD

Turns out when it came time to put my previous backup/restore doco to the test it failed with a "disk.*.0" JSON error from vmadm receive. I haven't looked into it yet though I thought I would list what I used to recover my firewall image


Recover /opt and /usbkey files 


1) All the hardware migration was complete so I had one of the two "zones" disks sitting on a USB 2 caddy. However now you have two zpools called "zones" what do to?


  zfs import zones usbpool


  NOTE: I had to use -f but excluded it so you can read the implications yourself first!


2) Mounting ZFS to a mountpoint (my GNU\Linux heritage showing) is a two step process.


  zfs set mountpoint=legacy usbpool/opt

  mount -F zfs usbpool/opt /opt/usb


3) Fortunately at this point I had a backup copy of the firewalls JSON (created with "vmadm get UUID >> vm.json").


  vmadm create -f /opt/usb/firewall.json


For me step three recreated the firewall image with a new UUID other than that specified in the JSON. It didn't really impact me but was not something I expected.


Recover VM images


1) Now my VM has been created at a new UUID we can migrated the disk image


  dd if=/dev/zvol/dsk/usbpool/19a7af4f-5441-4b3e-bedf-fd3a2c6223df-disk0 if=/dev/zvol/dsk/zones/471c4e6c-8feb-11e2-8bff-e33695415b08-disk0


2) Once complete you can disconnect your USB disk with


  umount /opt/usb

  zfs export usbpool

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