Building a SmartOS home data center

For the main bulk of my short career as a Systems Administrator I have been squarely sat in the Redhat Enterprise Linux (and friends) camp, however recently I became disheartend with a QNAP TS-410 hosting all of my production guests and data at home given a number of problems with the device such as:

  • Weak hardware leading to sad NFS and iSCSI response times
  • Administration that is relatively painful via its GUI interface
  • Generally suffering from security issues in the firmware
  • Uses no battery backed cache for the RAID10 (write cache disabled furthering the performance pain)
  • I am paranoid about loosing things so the appeal of # zfs scrub is very high!

Finally the primary reason for looking into a solution to replace my existing/old kit was:

  1. Wife Agro - My existing kit makes far too much heat in our small office during a typical Queensland summers day. It had to get consolidated!

So I needed to consolidate the following hardware:
2x Intel E8200 hosts running as KVM hosts on CentOS
1x Intel E4200 host running as a dedicated Sophos UTM 9 gateway
1x QNAP TS-410 with 4x 1TB SATA disks with a further 2x external 1TB standalone disks

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